our designs turn innovations
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Industrial design

We turn seemingly impossible product ideas into real life working products. Our team is an expert in designing IoT, life science product design and transportation design.


UX/UI design

Integrated product design and ui/ux design services. the integrated experience brings harmony to physical products and digital user interfaces.



We bring together the creative design element with a much deeper understanding of the client. We design the product and the corporate branding together to sync your product with your brand and your market.


Award winning design solutions in a flexible & transparent way

Maform's unique design process has been crafted and perfected by a team of experts over the past 8 years. Clients are always first. We can support you from fuzzy vision to production – however we are happy to take on refinement and consulting assignments.



The latest design news about maform or our partners, telling interesting stories from around the world.


Selected projects

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