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We are an innovation agency formed by people with different expertise, bringing engineering precision into the world of design.

We use our own unique process and our outstanding device capacity to make innovation available to everyone.


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Build the concept - Budapest Design Week 2022
Petervary Smart Piano Bench - A'Design Award 2023


our clients

Smart Piano Bench

Péterváry Bench is revolutionising the way people play and learn to play the piano by allowing height adjustment and giving freedom of horizontal movement. With our outstanding, balanced design, this smart product is the perfect compound of high-tech and classical style.

Product design

Péterváry Music Tech

RFID reader

Besides the appearance of the physical product, we also designed the processes, user flow and interactions of this small, full-of-functions devices. The RFID reader is the heart of our long-therm Swiss client’s outstanding smart product, Zippspace.

User experience and interface design



EcoVeloTour facilitates sustainable tourism in the Danube region. Our task was to come up with a unique brand, symbolising natural, consciousness, diversity and dynamic.

We also designed functional infographics and digital platforms (website and app) to help bikers navigate.

Branding, graphic design

Zugló City Council 

2-stage cycloidal transmission

With a unique arrangement of gears and toothing, we solved the difficult challenge of increasing the input speeds significantly more efficiently, in a more compact form factor than other transmissions, with the same strength and production prices.

Patent: WO2020201783A1

Technological development

(For licencing)

Cinema experience

Our team designed a flawless hybrid (digital and physical) service strategy with essential service elements and the concept of Hungary’s first family and kid friendly cinema hall. Our partner, Minusplus designed the interior of the stunning kid’s hall.

Service and user experience design


Post kiosk

We reformed the post services to be fresh and innovative. This kiosk is designed to be practical, inclusive and user friendly. With the built in weigh measurement, payment, user-identification and package moving mechanism, the new era of the post offices began.

Industrial design

Onlinet Group