We help you get the best out of today's technological revolution by interaction-based design services.

we provide industrial design, user experience design, user interface design, and branding services


test and validate your innovation

our turneky design services help you efficiently create a minimum viable product from your innovation idea.

boost your sales and enter new markets

good design opens new sales channels and helps you connect with your customers.

grow your company with good design

with a distinctive look and good user experience, your product will help your company grow fast.

be on time and within budget

high quality output is provided right on time, using refined processes and productivity tools.


process: design sprints



➞ design brief

maform’s own challenge mapping methodology is used to identify challenges in the project during a one-day workshop.

creative sprint

➞ concept design

communicate your product to investors or customers,

start a conversation with manufacturers,

initiate proof of concept tests.

development sprint

➞ final product design

showcase the product in exhibitions,

shoot product videos,

conduct user tests.

implementation sprint

➞ optimised design

reduce per unit costs and in result save money in the long term.


➞ ux concept

validate use case with look-and-feel screens

show the most important screens to key stakeholders

show key screen layouts to developers

➞ user interface design

final assets for development

marketing materials for publishing in stores

assist your in-house designers and developers with design guidelines


workflow & productivity



real-time online documentation

transparent workflow


flexible approach

quick & reliable



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