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design through understanding from innovation to impact

Get involved in the tech revolution through user-centered design. We enhance technology by making it practical, simple and interactive.

user experience

Designing for users. Our user-centered methodology applies to both digital and physical products, delivering exceptional results through research.

what we do
industrial design

Style and practicality, outstanding aesthetics while ensuring feasibility.

digital product

User-first approach with detail in both user flow and unique, tailored graphics.

service design

Careful planning and organizing, granting a positive outcome for every participant.


Developing holistic corporate identity that supports business goals.

We use our own unique process and our outstanding device capacity to make innovation available to everyone.
physical prototyping

Our in-house workshop offers the ability to test and produce prototypes in various sizes, both during the design process and for final implementation.

Explore our mechanical engineering expertise. Developing innovative mechanisms through experimental research and development.

Using the newest technologies and tools are key for innovative solutions. We use VR prototyping to fasten up the styling and testing process, enabling our partners to enter the market with their products before others.

VR prototyping

contact us to find out what we can design based on your idea

Géza Csire

Managing Partner


Smart Piano Bench

Péterváry Bench is revolutionising the way people play and learn to play the piano by allowing height adjustment and giving freedom of horizontal movement. With our outstanding, balanced design, this smart product is the perfect compound of high-tech and classical style.

Product design

Péterváry Music Tech

Brand identity

Our long-therm cooperation with one of the most successful Swiss startups includes the corporate identity and nearly every single graphic design that a digital, fresh, innovative and fast-growing company would need.

Strategic and graphic design


Pozi binding solution

Helping the post officers to solve their prior nerve-racking problems was the key element of this research heavy design task. With our solution, following the route and position of packages is no longer a challenge, but child's play.

Service design

Kitchen Budapest

Smart inhaler

This smart medical device is connected to standard inhalers. In many cases, it is difficult for users to learn and to practice the way in which asthma medication should be taken. Spirocco helps users to inhale just the right amount of medication, in the right way.

Product design


Traffic counting systems

We helped to make the ultrasound based measurement system real. Along Hungary's countless cycle routes, cyclers are now familiar with the counting device that has more precision and reliability than any other current traffic counting systems.

Product design



Our housing design helped the team of Aplha Femtech to evolve their solution from technology to product. ARTEMIS uses heat and micro-vibrations together to reduce pain so users can experience more comfort and coziness on their most demanding days.

Product design

Alpha Femtech

Multirotor eVTOL aircraft

Lift Aircraft is the world’s first ever multirotor eVTOL aircraft in association with LIFT. Designed for aspirational pilots across the globe, the eVTOL airship, otherwise known as the Hexa aircraft enables anyone to fly and no pilot’s license required.

Product design



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