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general terms and conditions

Welcome to the website of Maform Kft. (further on referred to as the Provider).

The present General Terms and Conditions (further on referred to as GTC) includes the usage terms for those (further on referred to as the Concerned) using the services of the websites and (further on referred to as the Website).
Data management of the personal information of the Concerned is ruled by the Privacy Notice, which is directly available through the main page.

Those kinds of technical information which are not included in the present GTC are provided by other references available on the Website.

The language of the contract is Hungarian. This is an English translation of the original contract.

The accepted contract is not considered to be a written agreement, and therefore it shall not be registered and it is not available and it cannot be viewed later.

The Provider does not submit itself to any code of conduct.

The Concerned, by means of using the Website, acknowledges and accept as follows:


Company name: Maform Kft.
Seat, mailing address: 1116 Budapest, Hauszmann Alajos utca 2.
Telephone: +36-30-747-24-16
Tax number: 14600270-2-43
Company registry number: 01-09-181322
Registering Court: Budapest Municipal Court as Court of Registration
Legal reasons for data management: request by Concerned

The Site as a whole, its graphical elements, text and technical solutions, as well as service elements are attached to copyright or other intellectual property rights (especially trade mark). The Provider is the copyright owner or authorized purchaser of all content displayed on the Website or during the services available through the Website. This includes any copyrighted work or other intellectual property (including the cost of all the graphics and other materials, the Web interface layout, editing, use of software and other solutions, ideas and implementation). 

Saving to physical carriers or different media or printing of the content and other certain parts of the Website for the purpose of private use is permitted only with prior written consent of the Provider. The use beyond private consumption - for example, database storage, transmission, publication or making downloadable, placing on the market - is only possible with the prior written permission of the Provider.

In addition to the rights expressly set out in these General Terms and Conditions, the registration, the use of the Site or any provision in the G.T.C. does not provide the Concerned with the right to use or utilize any trade name or mark of the Site. In addition to the display in connection with the proper use of the Website and the necessary temporary reproduction and private copying, these intellectual properties can not be used or utilized in any other format without the prior written consent of the Provider.

The Provider reserves all the rights of all the elements of the service, in particular the, domain names, the related subdomains and any other domain name reserved by the Provider, its sub-pages and web advertising surfaces. Any activity which aims at listing, organizing, archiving, cracking (hacking), decrypting/unsealing the source code of the database of the Provider, is forbidden unless special permission was granted by the Provider to do so. 

Without a separate agreement or the use of the service provided for that purpose, it is prohibited to modify, copy, put new data, or overwrite existing data in the database of the Provider by circumventing the interface provided by the Provider or the search engines.

By using the Service, the Concerned agrees that the Provider may use data uploaded by the Concerned during the use of the Service, anytime and anywhere, without restrictions or additional charge, within the framework of the applicable Privacy Policy.

6.2. Copyrights
8. maintaining the PROPERTY RIGHTS

Until the full payment of the purchase price, the product remains the property of the Provider. If such a product, prior to full payment of the purchase price, - for whatever reason - gets into possession of the Buyer, the latter are responsible towards the Provider in respect of the damages which no one shall be obliged to compensate.

The date of these General Terms and Conditions to come into force: 24. 05. 2018.

The Provider is entitled to unilaterally change the present General Terms and Conditions, along with informing the Buyers on the Website beforehand. The amended provisions after the date of entry into force will become effective upon the first use of the Site. They shall be applied for the orders submitted following the amendment.

7. unilateral modification of the general terms and conditions
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