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detailed engineering solutions towards feasibility

Bringing technical expertise to your ideas with cutting-edge R&D services, production-ready designs and inventing innovative mechanisms with prioritizing intellectual property protection.

and development

Developing new technologies to accelerate the creation of new products and build a large knowledge base maximising our added value.


Quick physical validation and demonstration of products designed by our team, manufactured in our own workshop.

design for 

Engineering solutions to make our designs easy to manufacture by meeting technological requirements.


IP protection consultancy, tailored to real opportunities, leaded from idea to protection.

what we do
We use our own unique process and our outstanding device capacity to make innovation available to everyone.
in-house developments
paq bed

Approximating surfaces with flexible folding


Continuous winding 
of surfaces onto axes intersecting them


Two-stage cycloidal speed-increasing transmission

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out how we can 
your idea

Géza Csire

Managing Partner



PAQ chaired

Our first product that hit the market to be part of thousands of peoples’ life. PAQ is a multifunctional furniture that can be converted into bed and chair in one move. PAQ is currently manufactured and marketed by our partner Monessa.

Product design

In-house development

2-stage cycloidal transmission

With a unique arrangement of gears and toothing, we solved the difficult challenge of increasing the input speeds significantly more efficiently, in a more compact form factor than other transmissions, with the same strength and production prices.

Patent: WO2020201783

Technological development

(For licencing)


Atum is a large parasol co-developed with minusplus. It opens and closes with a single move. The innovative system perfectly rolls the textile around the poles. It also does that automatically in large storms for which it uses only the mechanical energy it gains from opening it.

Patent: WO2022029458

Product design

Inhouse development


We helped Clift to develop the basic operation principle of their advanced touch sensing technology that is able to detect and distinguishes touch or pressure. The technology can be used in all bolt-on or screw-on holds so Clift is able to digitalise any existing or newly installed climbing wall.

Product design



Turning a teenager's dream into reality through technology is what we did when we developed the electronics for the e-Fásli in addition to the housing design. E-Fásli is the first self-learning heat therapy IoT device providing therapy prescribed by doctors.

Product design



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