We design game-changing products and interfaces by understanding the latest design and technology trends. We work in the fields of life science, iot devices and transportation. We offer understandable and calculable services from research to production.



industrial Design

From creative research to concept and manufacturing design, with a holistic approach and an eye for styling and trends.

UI/UX Design

The whole experience: physical and digital interfaces, use cases and user scenarios optimized for excellence.

Production support

Project management and support in proof-of-concept prototyping and low series production with our own supplier network.

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Focus Areas

Life Science

Medical technology devices, healthcare and fitness equipment.


Public transportation vehicles and niche transportation markets

IOT Devices

Intelligent devices using technology to support our everyday lives.

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Our Mission


Redefine Interaction

Bring High Level Engineering to Life

Apply Scientific Breakthrouhs

We meet new devices and technologies in a faster pace than ever in human history and it requires new definitions in design as well. We believe in a brand new approach, where people are an ever-changing ecosystem of interacting entities. It's challenging, but we are up for it.

We are passionate about engineering, moving machinery and intelligent devices. Designing such creations are the most exciting challenges we can ask for ourselves. With our solid engineering and design background, we know how to make devices into masterpieces.

We love science and strongly believe that the well being of human societies can only be achieved through constant research and scientific work. We have extensive experience in applying scientific knowledge to everyday objects and we also lead research at the Maform Lab.