2.2. UX/UI Detail Design

Where the concept becomes reality: we develop the user interface in detail, with all the screen designs, assets, icons, navigation patterns


Use the results
• as inputs for software development
• to publish in App Store or Google Play store
• to assist your in-house designers and developers with the design guidelines

You should provide
• specific project goals and requirements regarding realization: budget, technology, project participants.



Final screen design

We design all screens in their final visual appearance: colours, typography, shapes, transitions etc. are designed for all screens.


Assets, icons, colours

We upload all assets to a cloud based platform, from where you or the software developers can easily download them in any desired format.


Design guidelines

To facilitate further development, we conclude all design results in a design guideline book. Among the artwork, the book also shows rules and consistencies in the design.




Upon request, we provide design documentation for certification and authorisation purposes. This includes the documentation of the process as well as the documentation of the design outputs.


Final interaction map

The final interaction map shows the whole network the of user steps and screens.


Designs made with our process