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Step into the age of the new industrial revolution with meaningful solutions

we provide industrial design, user experience design, and graphical user interface design services


test and validate your innovation

we support you in developing your product idea to a proof of concept level.

we support the validation of your projects with user testing, prototypes and in-context visualizations.


boost your sales and enter new markets

using technological advancements to the benefit of the users makes products more successful on the market.

work with our leading industrial design studio and be part of the award winning story of making technology useful through design.


grow your company with good design

we are creating unique and lovable user experiences, right on time, keeping cost restrictions.

our cross-industry project experience gives us a goal-oriented approach to problems that have never been solved before.


be on time and within budget

we help you in the creative development of your product with special care to user experience.

we are flexible and can adapt to your development methods and processes, and guarantee a successful result.


process: design sprints


industrial design


creative design sprint

➞ concept design

communicate your product to investors or customers

start a conversation with manufacturers

initiate proof of concept tests


detail design sprint

➞ final product design

showcase the product in exhibitions

create product videos

conduct user tests

implementation sprint

➞ manufacturing design

reduce per unit costs and in result save money in the long term


graphical user interfaces


creative design sprint

➞ ux concept

validate use case with look-and-feel screens

show the most important screens to key stakeholders

show key screen layouts to developers

detail design sprint

➞ user interface design

final assets for development

marketing materials for publishing in stores

assist your in-house designers and developers with design guidelines

implementation sprint

➞ software development

develop software front-end

back-end development



workflow & productivity


weekly reporting


real-time online documentation


transparent workflow


flexible approach


quick & reliable


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