Modulo City Bus

Environment friendly, fully electric city bus made with super light composite body. Modulo is a smart and ecological solution for city transport. It's a light weight zero emission public transport vehicle. The extended wheelbase and the special door layout makes getting on and off the bus faster and easier, which is essential  in crowded cities.

Exterior design – 3 months

Glass fiber composite body with metal inserts

2016 – JEC Innovation Award Winner
2016 – eCarTec Award Finalist
2015 – Hungarian Quality Product Award
2015 – Hungarian Design Award Honorable Mention

Maform's challenge was to design a fully composite bus body in cooperation with a team of structural and mechanical engineers. The body is the bearing structure itself. This means almost all structural elements are visible, and all visible elements have structural bearing function. Designing for such a demanding system was the main challenge and inspiration.

Maform's goal was to create a friendly and moderate, yet distinctive design. The unique outline of the strong contrast between black and light surfaces make the bus easily recognisable. The big glass surfaces, low-key details and discrete general shape makes it fit into inner city environments easily.

Due to the extended wheelbase, wheel arches don't make the passenger area smaller. This allows unique layout opportunities optimised for inner city use. Wider corridors and wider doors make passenger flow faster. Passengers traveling 1-2 stops can stay in the large standing area. For longer travels, passengers can use the seated area in the back.

Maform's inspiration was 'Good Design' principles laid down by Dieter Rams. Implementing such principles on a vehicle this size was challenging and required devotion. It resulted in a design that is not in line with current automotive trends, but might be able to stay fresh for decades – a goal that is highly important for a vehicle that knows no rust and built for 20-30 years of operation.