Moow Smart Rumen Bolus

Moow smart rumen bolus is a revolutionary solution for pH and temperature monitoring, covering the whole lactation period.

Budapest, Hungary 2014, 2 months

Plastic injection moulding

Started as a research project for utilising the revolutionary pH sensor developed at the University of Pécs. The main challenge was to come up with a solution for getting the sensor inside the rumen (of kettle, sheep or any ruminant mammal) and keeping it safe from rumen liquid and objects swallowed by the animal. Furthermore, maform had to design a product around this new sensor technology: design the enclosure, create a brand name, logo, product identity and packaging.

The body part is designed to fit standard bolus guns. The cap continues and closes the cylindrical shape of the body. The main visual character is given by X-shaped grill and the coloured cap. The grill shape was designed to protect the sensor surface from sharp objects (such as nails) swallowed by the animal. It also has to provide liquid flow above the sensor surface. By colouring the cap to the brand's turquoise color, the main visual character is further enhanced.

Moow can stay in the rumen for several years, through the whole lactation period. This required special material selection, and a big battery. The sensor has to keep a distance from the wall of the rumen. We changed the relative position of the inside parts for proper weight distribution: the rumen always lays on the bottom of the rumen with the sensor looking upwards.

Giving identity to an innovative product is essential for market success. The brand name 'moow' refers to the cow's sound ('moo') in a dynamic way. The corporate identity uses land colours and simplified layouts with lots of white space to reflect agricultural categories.