Flike tricopter for ByeGravity

Flike is a passenger drone designed for extreme sports lovers. Maform designed the composite body, user interface, general layout and the wing closing mechanism.

Q3 2015 – Q1 2016. 

A light titanium frame holds the main parts. The enclosure is a special carbon composite that is responsible for the aerodynamics and the shape character. As the product and materials develop, in the future the whole vehicle will be produced with a self-supportive composite frame for extreme lightness.

A'Design Award Bronze 2017


Flike is a brand new approach without any shape archetype or pre-concept, but the shape was undoubtedly inspired by speed motorcycles, drones and helicopters. Flike was designed as a commission work and has a strong engineering background with working prototypes. The machinery and the laws of aerodynamics influenced the overall design. 

Flike is a flying motorcycle concept, a tricopter with an electric/hybrid powertrain. This drone copter is capable of carrying one person or an equivalent weight (100 kgs) of payload aboard. It can be piloted by the person on-board as an extreme sport experience or can be controlled remotely, moreover, it is capable of unmanned, autonomous flight as well. For maximized safety the height and speed are limited electronically. 

Flike is basically a flying motorcycle with a similar riding pose. After getting onto the flying position the passenger can chose different programs from driving to programmed, autonomous flights. The vehicle is controlled with a pair of joysticks and a screen. For maximized safety the height and speed are limited electronically. 

Flight position has greatly influenced the design as the maximum lift is achieved when the vehicle is in a 15-degree position to horizontal. Pipe propellers were installed for performance. The centre of gravity was placed into a specified spot (between the legs of the pilot in seated position) – to keep this in place, we had to place every part really carefully, and adjust the surface of the chassis accordingly. The looks had to fit the design sensitive target group, but still be able to indicate the most important flight data. The interface is the simplest and safest as possible for a pleasant experience and safety. We had to integrate the design language of aviation and motorsports to create a new, unique style for such vehicles as the Flike.

The technical background and innovation was brought and evaluated by the client. The laws of aerodynamics strongly influenced the design research process. As flying motorcycles are a brand new vehicle group, we researched the bodies and interfaces of speed bikes, helicopters and jet skis. These vehicles are frequently used by the chosen target groups of the Flike. User interaction research was implemented by our team.