Galaxy Gear Edge

We reimagined the popular Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch. Wearables are an important segment in design and an interesting route for future technology. After the premier of the Samsung Galaxy Gears 6 phone our team decided to take a new approach on its smartwatch. 
The redesign was very popular and highly praised on various tech sites and earned recognition. 

The elegant curve of the phone is represented on the watch as well, matching them visually. It’s a long awaited request from users to be able to change the straps of smart watches, so we decided to make it removable at last. This way the smartwatch can fulfil a brand new set of functions. It can be snapped on on pockets as  a name tag or on seatbelts without needing any bluetooth device for safe phone conversations while driving. 

Find out more about this research in  our case study about smart wearables