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product design

szöveg leírás valami ami fontos

Check out this revolutionary design collaboration between Petervary and Maform!

Veloclass, the remarkable bike counter we designed a few years ago, remains in operation, meticulously tallying every cyclist who crosses the paths near Balaton!

Bringing engineering precision into the world of design.

XBody has now the most advanced muscle stimulation workout method. Its foundation lies in EMS technology, which prompts the body to engage in high-intensity muscle exertion without putting strain on the joints.

We're thrilled to announce the market entry of the ingenious eardryer device we've been working on!

The ultimate solution for menstrual pain relief. With its sleek bodysuit, innovative device, and intuitive app, your period experience will be transformed like never before.

Advanced digital kiosk with built-in camera and scales for quick and effortless package posting

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