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Etele Cinema Kids

The Etele Cinema project has taken us on an unforgettable journey! Bringing our visions to life has been an absolute pleasure.

From crafting the narrative to reshaping the user journey, we've poured our hearts into every detail. And now, we share one of our favorite highlights: the kids' room! Partnering with minusplus architecture, we've crafted a space for little eager-beavers. Kids who are always on the move can roam and play freely here without disturbing others enjoying the big screen. We've thought of everything, including a children-size toilet right next to the room, so they won't miss a moment of the movie. But that's not all! Special furniture creates cozy, intimate spaces for families to enjoy quality time together.

Haven't experienced this wonderland yet? Grab your popcorn and head over here! Don't miss the magic, come and see for yourselves!


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