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Avoid the boardgame

Born from the collaborative efforts of a passionate family of four, united by their love for board games, Avoid is nearing its release. Months of meticulous design, collaboration, and dedicated effort have brought us to an exciting milestone - the launch of a crowdfunding campaign! From iterative design processes to in-house tests and tech exploration, we've strived for optimal manufacturing and cost-effectiveness without compromising on quality.

Here, witness one of the initial aesthetic prototypes created in our studio's workshop.

Avoid is an extraordinary creation with the addition of 24 distinct persona cards. Each character encapsulates a captivating story intricately woven into their visual essence, crafted meticulously in tandem with our valued client. At the intersection of our creativity and AI technology, these diverse personalities seamlessly merged into the game's visual tapestry.

Our process was empowered by our in-house AI system, meticulously developed to comply with legal standards, a cornerstone ensuring clean materials for our clients. This commitment allows us to guarantee the pristine sources used to train our AI, offering absolute assurance in the content's legality. Following our UX process and persona creation, our pursuit led us on a quest to discover the perfect face for each imagined persona. Through meticulous iteration, we discovered promising materials that enabled us to proceed. We dedicated ourselves to handcraft images, infusing them with AI touch and then finalizing them with Maform's distinctive aesthetics. Utilizing an array of tools, we ventured to craft a unique yet harmonious look across all 24 characters.


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