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A'Design Award and Competition

In the past 13 years, there's almost nothing that maform hasn't designed. We've witnessed their creation of everyday smart devices, ranging from inhalers to menstrual pain relief devices. They've brought practicality to thousands of homes with their convertible chairbed, and they've even designed futuristic drones and later buses that now roam the streets of Budapest. Now, they've taken on yet another extraordinary challenge by designing a groundbreaking concept for classical music, which has already made waves in the design and music industries.

The Petervary Smart Piano Bench was meticulously crafted to cater to the needs of pianists, incorporating elements of technology and medical science. It's truly remarkable that with just two simple functions - lateral movement and height adjustment - the bench addresses a long-standing issue that pianists have endured for centuries: the lack of precise and customizable seating height, along with the elusive ergonomically optimal body position. This smart device can be controlled effortlessly via an app or NFC card. Equipped with an electronic interface and built-in automation, the bench exemplifies the harmonious blend of innovation and tradition.

Despite not yet being officially released, the Petervary Smart Piano Bench has already garnered significant attention on various social media platforms due to a leaked video. While the music world is still catching up, maform's design concept has already received acclaim from multiple international design awards.

Earlier this summer, the product was honored to receive the prestigious London Design Award in two categories for their design concept of the Piano Bench. It earned gold-level recognition in the Smart Technologies and Media and Music categories. The jury was captivated by the bench's fresh appearance, a rare achievement in the timeless visual language of classical music. It embodies modernity and technology without overshadowing the grandeur of the piano it accompanies.

The recognition didn't end with the London Design Award. In mid-July, the design concept triumphed once again, this time at the A' Design Award held in the stunning city of Como, Italy. For maform, this success is not unfamiliar, as they hold the domestic record with 10 previous A' Design Awards. Explaining the differences between Italian and British visual cultures is unnecessary for those familiar with the field. Due to the distinction between the two design trends, it is a significant professional recognition that the Petervary Smart Piano Bench was able to win awards from both sides within a few weeks of each other.

After being honored with prestigious awards, the Petervary Smart Piano Benches are ready to make their global market debut. Thanks to a 125 million forint incubation investment from Hiventures (a member of the MFB Group), mass production of the product is on the horizon.



A’design Award

London Design Award

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