Maform members attended A’Design Award Gala Night

It was an important day of the year for the Hungarian design community when the Italian organization A’Design announced the names of the winners of the Award. Winning an international design award means so much to us that we decided to attend the ceremony personally.

Every summer, A’Design organizes one of the biggest design events in Europe. During a huge gala, they hand over the awards in front of thousands of guests. The event takes place in the picturesque town of Como, Italy.

As mentioned before, we became fourfold winners of A’Design. Aquila, eCharger, Flike and the paq chair were awarded by the international jury. We attended the gala with the owners of the awarded products.

We spent a few days in Italy after the gala. We were amazed by the natural and architectural beauty of Como. For us, besides the touristic experiences, it was an honor to see our products in the exhibition of A’Design. The exhibition is open to everybody that helps the audience to take part in this celebration of design.


After traveling back to Hungary, we decided to organize an A’Design exhibition in Hungary as well. During the Budapest Design Week, we are gathering international and Hungarian designers who have won this award and we are presenting them and their designs. If you are interested, come and visit us at Budapest Project Gallery between 6th and 31st October.

Maform's first Open day and Portfolio Review

We think that the most important missions for a design studio are to reach the talented youth, make them platforms to show their projects and give them advises for the future. Maform organized its first Open Day and Portfolio Review to reach a few of these aims.

On the 1st of June, Maform opened its doors for more than forty people to enjoy two specific programs. First, Portfolio Review took place, where the applied designers could get the chance to present their work in front of Maform's experts and the other participants. At the end of the review, everybody left with a certificate and a unique Maform bag. The best two portfolio was prized with useful art tools. 

For those, who are in love with design but don't have portfolio, we prepared interesting presentations. Our CEO, Geza Csire talked to the audience about the difficulty of manufacturing and selling your own product idea. He pointed out, that the most important is to manage your work and focus on the things that you are really good in. With his personal experience, he talked about how the Maform lost the focus at the beginning.

Gabor Balint and Robert Kovacs finished the Open day with their informative presentation about the use of prototyping and 3D printing. Through the design process of Shoka Bell and Flike, the Maform's two designers had so much experience with 3D printing. They talked about the false facts of 3D printing and explained why we think this technology makes it much easier to design manufacturable products. 

By the end of the Maform Open Day and Portfolio Review, we hope that all of the participant found the programs interesting and useful. The next time when maform will become an open studio again will be during The Design Week of Budapest.

Maform became Four-time winner of the prominent A' Design Award

We are proud to announce that this year Maform won the prestigious A'Design award in four different categories. A'Design Award and Competition is the biggest and one of the most important design awards in the world. The award highlights the best projects in 110 categories. There were 35,559 project submissions this year from 180 countries. For further information, please check out this site:

Aquila won Gold Award in Scientific Instruments, Medical Devices and Research Equipment Design category. This means this design was among the best 3%. After Aquila won Hungarian Design Award last year, A'Design's gold medal is another feedback about the design of our favourite medical device. 

Vehicle, Mobility and Transportation Design category was also important for Maform, as eCharger won Silver (top 5%) in this field.

Thanks to our partner Monessa, this year, Paq has already showed up in many exhibitions. Our chair bed is also successful in winning awards. We won A'Design  Award, Silver, in Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design category. This category is the most competitive, it has more applicant than the others. It is an honour to be among the best 5%!

Futuristic Design is maybe the most exciting category in A'design Award. Only three designs won this award this year and Flike is one of them. 

For more information about A'Design winner Maform projects, visit the our portfolio!

Paq is going to Dubai

Design for the senses is the name of the biggest event for interiors, design, architecture and surfaces in the Dubai region. Index Design Series' 2017 fair will include Paq chair as one of the exhibited furnitures. The exhibition is going to open on the 22nd of May. 

You can find the Paq chair beds at Monessa's stand (2B27). Monessa is our partner and exclusive manufacturers of Paq chair beds worldwide. We hope that Paq will get a emphasised role in Dubai's important design exhibition!

Maform exhibits at All Around Us exhibition in Budapest

Institution of the Hungarian Academy of Arts opened a new exhibition in Kunsthalle Budapest, called All Around Us National Salon 2017. Applied Arts and Design on the 21st of April. The exhibition is part of the Spring Festival, Hungarian Academy of Art's exhibition series and it is on view between 22nd April to 13rd August.

Maform has got three design projects presented in the exhibition. Flike, Cubilog and Modulo Bus are highlighted parts of the National Salon. All around us offers an overview of Hungarian design and applied arts. Erno Sára and József Scherer are the curators who selected the trendsetting pieces from the past decade. 

All Around Us is an unmissable program in the field of art and design exhibitions in Budapest. Don't miss the chance to see the most important Hungarian design masterpieces this spring and summer!

Maform CEO talks at Smart Conference Budapest

Maform's CEO of service, Peter Molnar talked about how design can help your company at Smart Conference 2017 in Budapest.

In the past 8 years the SMART Conference series has become the most salient regional Conference focusing on mobile technology and startups. SMART 2017 brought a Conference which is bigger and more colourful than ever, hosting more than 100 domestically and internationally recognized presenters to Budapest.

Maform among the Hungarian exhibitors at CeBIT 2017

CeBit is the largest international digital technology expo in the world, which has been held every year in Hannover, Germany since 1970. This year, Hungary attended the fair with a spectacular and imaginative pavilion.

Maform was among the selected companies who got the opportunity to represent Hungary as an exhibitor in the Hungarian House. After our experiences at Web Summit 2016, we wondered at how different this expo was. CeBIT seemed to be a more formal place to us; with the exhibition area of roughly 450,000 m² and 850,000 visitors, we couldn’t have imagined a place with more business opportunities.


We met the leaders of tech innovators from startups to large companies. They all had their exact ideas of what the future of the digital world might look like. As they came to our stand in the Hungarian House or when we visited their dedicated places, they were truly interested in and impressed about our projects.

We also had the chance to explain potential opportunities in design. Our CEO, Peter Molnar gave a lecture on the possibilities that can be reached by good design.


After CeBit, we came home with expectations of new cooperations, and pieces of information on the current state of technology. We hope that these inspirational days can help us achieve even better service and extraordinary solutions in various fields of design.

Paq's debut at MEBLE POLSKA Furniture Fair

Paq chair has already started it's journey around the world. Paq's last appearance was in Poznan, Poland at Meble Polsky Furniture Fair. This is a one week long exhibition that introduces the current Polish and international furniture producers. The fair is also an excellent meeting point for the trendmakers to exchange their ideas about the future trends and the new technologies. Paq is presented by our partner and worldwide exclusive manufacturer of the product, Monessa.

Paq became one of the hot exhibit points at the Meble Polsky Furniture Fair. Designers, buyers and visitors were also interested in our multifunctional chair bed. It is a success that paq was a seeded furniture out of the thousands of exhibits, the more than 258 exhibitor furniture traders who came from 12 countries.

maform attended web summit as an alpha startup

We visited and exhibited at Web Summit, the largest technology marketplace of Europe. It felt like everyone from the whole continent was there to exhibit, discuss, listen and connect.

Maform design studio budapest innovation web summit

The overwhelming crowd and the massive amount of information and new faces still keep us under the influence after almost one week. There were more than 53000 attendees, 7000 CEOs and 15000 companies there.

design industrial design budapest maform web summit

Exhibiting at this level is truly something else. We've met lots of startups and other companies with truly amazing ideas. All exhibitors were curated by the Web Summit team, to keep the standards and the quality of the event high. We had the privilege of exhibiting as an ALPHA startup, with our own stand for one day and the opportunity to attend Mentor Hours.

maform design budapest web summit

The exhibition day was really intense, and we tried to keep the vibe on the other two days as well. The experience was unforgettable and we got to know many great people, who gave us important feedback on our work.

Besides the great networking opportunities, there were several mini-conferences running simultaneously, with great talks and lectures. Luckily we also had some time under our hands for a little site seeing, and of course, to attend Night Summits.

We came home with a lot of experience, inspiration and contacts and we promise to write a longer, more detailed report on the occasion, but little time is desperately needed to process the recent events. Keep in touch!

Maform has won at the Hungarian Design Awards

We are happy to share the information that Maform has been awarded with a special award at the annual Hungarian Design Awards (Magyar Formatervezési Díj).

Design award maform

This year we nominated our latest life science design work, the Aquila blood analyzer. The devices was designed for Diatron. Our work has earned the award of the Hungarian Design Council. 
The Hungarian Design Award is the oldest and most prestigious award in the field and it's an honor to be chosen from the more than 300 applicants.

Every year the respected jury discusses the competing projects and select the best ones through a two-round system.

As design is an ever changing discipline, the jury follows the world trends and do everything to decide based on the latest design approaches. Innovation, marketability, user friendliness were the key aspects in the judgement process.

Our team is honored and proud that the jury decided to award our project. Get to know more about Aquila!