PAQ bed already sold over 15,000



“I just wanted to sit down!” Designers hit the jackpot with game changing chair bed

Maform Design to sell over 15,000 paq chairs by the end of 2018

Leading industrial design company Maform Design are celebrating tripling sales of their award winning paq chair.

Figures from Maform Design show 15,000 of the world’s only smart chair bed that converts into a seat, table and bed through zipping will have been sold globally by the end of this year.

It comes as great news to Maform Design who developed the concept for the product after Co-founder Géza Csire moved into a micro-apartment that had little to no free space. Speaking about his ‘AHA’ moment, Geza says “I just wanted to sit down and had moved into this tiny place that had little room for furniture. As an industrial designer I thought I could develop a solution, something that would double up as a bed and a couch while having a table and providing storage features also. I shared my idea with Co-founder and CEO Péter Molnar who thought it could help people like me who were living in more compact spaces.”

Maform’s paq chair has won numerous accolades including the German Design Award and the A'Design Award. The product provides a welcome solution to Germany’s housing crisis and the demand for micro-apartments. It’s estimated there are around 25,000 micro-apartments in Germany.

The paq chairs success this year has resulted in the company increasing their projections for 2019.  CEO and Co-Founder of Maform Design Péter Molnar says “As micro-living becomes increasingly popular, more people are interested in minimal design. This time next year we expect to triple sales of the paq chair and produce similar products that can help people make the most out of living in confined spaces.”

Other problem solving creations from Maform Design include the rapid e-charger, a rapid Charger for Electric vehicles, the modulo city bus, an environment friendly, fully electric electric city bus made with super light, composite structure for evopro and the shoka bell, an innovative smart bike accessory that helps navigate and be seen in traffic.

About Maform Design

Maform Design is a specialised agency that offer advanced and accessible design solutions to tech companies. Based in Budapest, Maform’s product design capabilities save scaling companies time and money with affordable solutions and extensive team design knowledge. Products are not just physical but highly marketable, unique and crafted to supersede expectations. Maform design has developed a revolutionary process that provides accessible solutions to bridge the gap between design and expertise through producing prototypes and custom physical/ digital interfaces. They also provide support at every stage of the production process from research to development.

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