Breakthrough bicycle traffic counters installed around Hungary

Maform’s newest designs were installed all around Hungary to help local governments in optimizing their bicycle infrastructure investments. Twenty new, innovative bicycle traffic counting systems.

Another product Maform are extremely proud of is their device that counts bicycle and pedestrian traffic. VeloClass is an ultrasound based measurement system that has more precision and reliability than current traffic counting systems. Real-time traffic data can be reviewed on the products cloud-connected website.

A top technical challenge

Developing the VeloClass was challenging for Maform due to sensor technology requirements regarding height, placements and distance between units. Safety was also an issue and it needed to be weather and vandal proof while being easy to maintain and cheap to produce. It also had to have a unique appearance to separate it from the competition. The traffic counter system consists of four posts, two for sending and receiving the ultrasound beam and for reflecting. Maform chose to make it a modular system where some of the components were identical and only a few parts were changed to determine each model.

Adding beauty to bikes everywhere

The VeloClass bicycle traffic counter has a bright coloured outer frame that gives it an iconic appearance and serves as a crash guard. It’s appearance was inspired by a bike pedal. A measurement system will be installed on bike roads to enable understanding for demand and usability. VeloClass also has bright displays where bikers and pedestrians can see real-time measurements and data.