Lift: The World's First Personal Aircraft Experience


We are celebrating launching the world’s first ever multirotor eVTOL aircraft in association with LIFT. Designed for aspirational pilots across the globe, the eVTOL airship, otherwise known as the Hexa aircraft will enable anyone anywhere to fly, no pilot’s license required.

The unique piece of technology launched in Austin, Texas today which will consumerize flying for the first time is a large drone that consists of 18 sets of propellers, motors and batteries. With just one seat for a pilot, it weighs only 432Ibs, qualifying it as a powered ultralight by the FAA.

Aircraft styling and design along with graphical user interface design was contracted to Maform Design by Founder and CEO of LIFT aircraft Matt Chasen. The new venture will see the rollout of aircraft hubs in 25 cities across the U.S in 2019. Global expansion is also on the cards depending on demand. Advance flight reservations are open from today and eVOTL aircraft hubs will be based in scenic, uncongested grounds near major metro spots, tourist destinations and entertainment areas.


Flying enthusiasts will be allowed to take to the skies after completing training in virtual reality simulators. Wannabe pilots must be over 18 years of age, up to 6’5 in height and weigh under 250Ibs. They can then enjoy taking to the skies in an eVTOL aircraft for up to 15 minutes at a time. 

The eVOTL aircraft is safe and easy to operate. Similar to drones, the flight computer keeps the aircraft stabilized with the pilot controlling direction via a joystick. It also continuously calculates the energy required to ‘return to home’ based on the aircraft altitude, wind speed and direction.

A foolproof operating system means that regardless of the pilot’s actions, the eVOTL will automatically land when the battery is running low.

The finalization of the project and it’s rollout comes as great news to us. We think the eVOTL aircraft is a game changer in the aviation world, enabling anyone, anywhere to enjoy flying. Maform Design is extremely proud to have styled and designed this latest innovative project produced for LIFT aircraft and we look forward to seeing it in action across the States and globally in 2019.

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