Experiences of "the" German startup conference

In the end of 2018, we’ve got the opportunity to visit European tech and startup conferences. One of them was the RuhrSummit, the biggest startup-show in the Ruhr Valley.


RuhrSummit was organised in an old industrial building. The area used to be a factory and power plant. We spent the two days of the conference in this very unique atmosphere.


During the day, we have talked to several German startups and companies. We were also very happy to get some inside information about the German design industry. Participants were nice and open-minded.

RuhrSummit is not a huge conference, there were a little bit more than 800 exhibited companies and about 100 speakers on the stages. The size of the event gave me a chance to have longer conversations and get deeper information about the Ruhr Valley.


We encourage everyone to visit this human-scaled conference.