Maform's first Open day and Portfolio Review

We think that the most important missions for a design studio are to reach the talented youth, make them platforms to show their projects and give them advises for the future. Maform organized its first Open Day and Portfolio Review to reach a few of these aims.

On the 1st of June, Maform opened its doors for more than forty people to enjoy two specific programs. First, Portfolio Review took place, where the applied designers could get the chance to present their work in front of Maform's experts and the other participants. At the end of the review, everybody left with a certificate and a unique Maform bag. The best two portfolio was prized with useful art tools. 

For those, who are in love with design but don't have portfolio, we prepared interesting presentations. Our CEO, Geza Csire talked to the audience about the difficulty of manufacturing and selling your own product idea. He pointed out, that the most important is to manage your work and focus on the things that you are really good in. With his personal experience, he talked about how the Maform lost the focus at the beginning.

Gabor Balint and Robert Kovacs finished the Open day with their informative presentation about the use of prototyping and 3D printing. Through the design process of Shoka Bell and Flike, the Maform's two designers had so much experience with 3D printing. They talked about the false facts of 3D printing and explained why we think this technology makes it much easier to design manufacturable products. 

By the end of the Maform Open Day and Portfolio Review, we hope that all of the participant found the programs interesting and useful. The next time when maform will become an open studio again will be during The Design Week of Budapest.

Maform Kft