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If someone would ask us about the most enjoyable and uptodate design magazines, we would recommend Fast Company's Co.Design in the top five.

That is why we are so proud of our colleague, Gábor Bálint, whose diploma project was featured on our favorite site.

Gábor has joined Maform design studio at the beginning of the year and when he sent in his portfolio, his sensibility, cleverness and talent stunned us.

Gábor Bálint

Gábor Bálint

Gábor participated in the competition of Co.Design and was chosen to be featured on the site with an article about the diploma project, Memodo. He completed his industrial design studies at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design.

He developed an interest in human interaction and IOT projects.

Memodo is basically an interactive remote controller for smart homes – very low tech for the first sight, but it's small bowl's wall contains 3 low resolution cameras that can recognize shape and size.
By placing small, personal objects inside the bowl, we can manage the AC or the lights, our any other devices in our homes. Although all tech giants poor a huge amount of money into voice controlled home automation developments, those are may not be the most rewarding and human way for new interactions.

Do you have those small seashells from a trip long ago or that toy dinosaur you bought just for fun at a funfair? Imagine to control your home by displaying and using them instead of just let them sit and get dusty on your shelves. Memodo is based on the idea to use modern day totems to controll devices with existing objects.
Of course your totems won't do anything until you “teach” them to Memodo. If you put a new item inside, Memodo will record it, link it to your smart system and save it for the next time.

Beside of the obvious reasons (if someone is mute), why is totem-driven interaction is better than the voice?Memories are frequently represented by objects and by looking and touching them, we evoke those feelings we felt when we got them, that is why we are so attached to those things. When we come home after a long day we don't want to take any more actions and Gábor realized this tendency. We just want to be home in the warm or in the cool room and wind up by listening to our favorite song.

Sometimes saying out loud an order to a machine feels awkward and cold. It is not as pleasant as touching the guitar pick you got at your latest concert and then control your audio system with it.
Memodo is an interesting and tame concept that could be easily used with already existing technologies.

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