Maform signs major deal with Japanese auto producer Phiaro

Maform signs major deal with Japanese auto producer Phiaro

Hungarian industrial design studio Maform Design, the company behind the redesign of the Samsung Galaxy Gear Edge smartwatch, as well as the creation of the Modulo city bus and the Velo class bicycle counter, has announced an exclusive partnership with the Japanese Phiaro Group.

maform attended evopro sports day

Evopro Sports Club organized its first sports and family day. Companies, such as Evopro, Accenture and Maform, were invited to participate. Employees and their families could take part in sports events and family programs all day.

More than 200 participants attended the sports day and competed in more than 10 sports – such as football, streetball, badminton and table tennis.

Maform featured in Forbes Hungary

Maform featured in Forbes Hungary

Maform started out in a living room of a basement apartment, as an initiative of two freshly graduated designers, to make change in the Hungarian and global design scene. This has grown into a dynamic team of a dozen designers.’s lead article today is about this story.

we moved to our office

Maform is getting bigger and bigger. We already have twelve designers, some of them from other countries. We are also proud of our international projects. There was only one thing missing, a creative and big office.


In the beginning of this year, we had a dream. We really wanted to move to an office that is big enough for our fast-growing team, has a workshop place and a meeting room.


After months of renovation, we finally moved into our open office that suits our needs. It is full of light, we all have our own place to work on our projects. We have 2 3D printers, sewing and other machines in the workshop room.


Maform celebrates in Como

Maform attended the Italian A’design Award and Competition Gala held in Como, end of June in 2018. It was a good experience for us to study design trends and to share knowledge.


We could meet in person with more than fourteen design studios and freelance designers from all over the world and made new international friends. For example the ID.real studio from Spain, which we later visited in Madrid.


During the Gala it was interesting to see the growing trend of IoT devices and smart products, for example the Insta360 One by Su Wen and Li Jianxin or the Flush Dali Sensor, by the Niko Design Team. Each of these designs got awards in the smart and technical products categories, which maform has also applied in. It was good to see that other international studios share the same concept of connected and smart products.

The winner designs from maform included the X-Body or the Spirocco smart inhaler device, which are all part of the IoT, smart devices category. Also we are really proud of Adam Miklosi, who was part of the maform mentorship program, and has won a platinum award with his project DAB


These projects combine technology with aesthetics, as we believe that high level engineering should not stay in the labs or offices but should be applied in everyday projects and devices. 

We are looking forward for next year’s award and exhibition.

New electric chargers at evopro offices

Sustainable electric charging stations

As an investment into sustainable development, more than two dozens of evopro eChargers, designed by maform, were installed in front of evopro group headquarters. In result, Hungary’s largest electric charging station has been established, to support the electric car fleet of evopro group.

Maform was mentor at Moholy-Nagy Scholarship

We believe that design studios have to take part in scholarships as organiser or mentor, to hand over all the project experience that they have. Moholy-Nagy Scholarship is one of the outstanding opportunities for young designers to get mentoring and financial support for their ideas.

This year, Maform attended the Moholy-Nagy Scholarship's mentor-group. Adam Miklósi was the selected talented young designer who fulfilled his design project with our consultation. It was a pleasure for us to have him in our office and get to know his unique design thinking. In his project, Ádám aimed to study the border between health care design and portable smart device design. Besides the interesting design resource, Adam was also motivated because of his personal passion.


We are very proud of the final result. We recommend to other design studios to search for the chance to get involved to this kind of programs, because it is refreshing and inspirational for the office life.