1.2. Detailed Product Design

In this design sprint we create the final product design based on the design concepts


Use the results
• as input to DFM phase
• to make high-fidelity prototypes that look just like the final product
• to show your product in exhibitions
• to start your kickstarter or indiegogo campaign
• to shoot product videos

You should provide
• manufacturing budget,
• manufacturing technology, if you already decided on one,
• tech specs if applicable,
• contact details of other project participants eg. marketing or manufacturing team



Evaluation of concepts

Best design concept is selected or merged. Keeping user scenario in mind, we define the final surface geometry, usage, assembly and maintenance process.


Parting & material selection

Based on the final surface, we design a solid model cut into parts. We define surface quality and colours.


Detail design

We take special care on details, especially the ones that are relevant to refine the main functionality and optimise manufacturing.


CAD design

We provide real-time CAD data shared in Autodesk cloud. You can download in different formats any time, anywhere. CAD data output from this phase can be directly used for starting manufacturing design – no further conversion or re-building is needed.


Presentation materials 

We create photo-realistic renderings for presentation purposes. These can be used in printed or digital communication materials.

thumbs500 sample pro-12.png


Proof-of-concept prototype

3D-printed concept prototypes help validating and evaluating design concepts.

*Design service fee excludes prototype manufacturing costs.