1.1. Creative Product Design

In this design sprint, we create design concepts from your high level goals and vision.


Use the results
• to communicate your product to investors or customers,
• to start a conversation with manufacturers,
• to initiate low-fidelity proof of concept tests.

You should provide
• basic project goals,
• target audience and user information,
• business model and revenue stream,
• bottlenecks supplemented by any relevant preliminary information regarding the project,
• participation in idea and concept evaluation and selection.

thumbs500 sample pro-01.png


Challenge mapping

We kick off with a Challenge Mapping Workshop focusing on setting up concrete product requirements. Challenge Mapping is a 3-step methodology developed at Maform. With its help, we can translate high level company goals into product requirements within just one day.

thumbs500 sample pro-03.png



Desktop research aiming to give a brief overview of the positioning opportunities of the product. Contains a search for similar products, analogous solutions used in different fields, and possible material usage. We set up a list of requirements for later evaluation phases.


Mood board

We collect inspiration and good examples for mapping the project goals in terms of styling and visual appearance. This speeds up communication about visual notions and saves time in later phases of the project.


Idea sketches

Holistic and detail ideas concerning the product. These ideas can later be integrated and mixed to form concepts. Ideas are shown in hand-drawn sketches, digital sketches and/or physical prototypes. 2-3 different product versions are selected for further development.


Mockups & prototypes

Mockups and concept prototypes help validating and evaluating design ideas and concepts.


Concept sketches

Development of 2-3 concepts, based on (2). The level of the developed designs: defined main dimensions, cut and trim design, materials, visual appearance, usage; showed in photo-realistic renders. Best design can be selected for further development.