Paq Chair Bed


Paqs are fun and multifunctional design chairbeds, with functions of a guest room. This product was Maform’s first product development project from our research lab.

As almost all good design objects paqs were born as a solution for an everyday problem. The designer, Géza Csire just wanted to sit down comfortably in his small apartment without the furniture taking up too much space. The first prototype was his own chairbed. The upgraded design got a double folding, stronger zips and reversible cover.  

In closed state  Paq’s double folding  supports the back and ensures comfortable sitting on the long run as well. The centre of the chair  is a cylinder that can be used as storage for bedding, toys or small objects and it elevates the sitting height, that makes it easy to stand up from the chair. 

We designed them in five different vivid and stylish colors with water repellent covers for easy cleaning and maintenance. All of them are reversible and can be used with their grey side. 


Géza who created the paq chair had to move to a new place without any furniture. He got a foam mattress as a gift to sleep on but he didn’t like it. It occupied lots of space and never looked good. He also wanted an armchair so he tried to create one from the mattress. For months it seemed impossible to come up with an easy and elegant solution. One day he was folding paper. He made a cylinder from a rectangle and pushed one side in and it looked like a chair. The idea struck him that it could be the answer to the problem. He immediately bought all the necessary items and by the end of that day he had the first prototype of the paq chair.

I just wanted to sit down
— Géza Csire, designer