Peter Molnar

CEO – Design Services

Péter is the visionary behind Maform. He can make various fields work together on a clear goal by understanding and revealing the core features of any subject. It allows him to incorporate aesthetics and simplicity in objects and businesses as well.



CEO – Research & Development

Géza loves to extend boundaries and to experiment. His unique vision lets him overcome everyday assumptions and create non-archetypal innovative solutions. He is the mind behind Maform’s original and surprising products and research. 


Business Development  Manager DACH

Betti leads the Vienna division of Maform. Before she worked as an area sales manager at a major logistics company for seven years. Since the birth of her baby daughter Emma, her life has changed and she decided to live out her entrepreneurial streak, using her creativity and knowledge in the areas of sales and business development.


Industrial Designer

A talented, highly intellectual designer with a strong interest in digital, IOT projects. He has a holistic approach on design e.g. how people respond to digitalization. Gábor is always positive and cheers up the studio with his four legged friend, Buborék (Bubble).



Industrial Designer

Robi is the visual wizard of the team, his design sketches are spectacular works of art. He is a true tech guy, you can find him flying drones or with soldering iron in his hand.


Project Manager

She studies design management at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design. Fruzsi is the perfect project assistant as she has hands on experience in the fields of design and engineering as well. Her complex work keeps Maform running smoothly.


Róbert Oláh

UI/UX Designer (ext)

Graphic designer focusing mainly on User Interface and User Interaction design, with over 5 years of experience.

Apor Kovács

Industrial and UI/UX Designer (ext)

Apor may have the strongest sense for trends at Maform. He is a confident designer with an eye for graphic design. Up to date and always ready to make presentations into highly visual materials. He was awarded with various student design awards already. 

Orsolya Vitályos

Industrial Designer Intern

Orsi brings fresh thoughts and connects the Maform team with the next generation. She studies Product Design Engineering (MSc) at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics.